Coming Soon: Market Revitalization

We’re thrilled to announce our Market Revitalization project! We’ve been working behind the scenes over the past couple years and have some exciting ideas we’re finally ready to share.

Reaching a big milestone…

For 39 years, The Market has been a Saturday staple for Edmontonians and tourists alike. We love being a part of the Old Strathcona community, and to continue to do so, we need to adapt to become a multi-day market and facility. To become a multi-day facility, we need to upgrade our basic infrastructure, such as: plumbing, HVAC and electrical, to meet the updated standards set by Alberta Health Services for multi-day markets.

The changes coming to Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market are exciting and promising. Our home, in the historic City of Edmonton Bus Barns, has largely influenced the design of the revitalized market. We know the quirky and eclectic vibe of OSFM is important to our community, customers, and vendors and intend to maintain this eclectic feel as well as introduce some new ways to use the space. You can check out some of our ideas and learn more about our plans below.

We feel very honoured to have spent the past 40 years in Old Strathcona, surrounded by supportive neighbours and community. Our hope is to continue to be a multi-day hub for Edmontonians and tourists for another 40 years to come! Thank you for your support, and for choosing to shop locally. It’s you – our community – that makes our quirky bus-barns-turned-farmers’-market so special!

Neighbourhoods Concept

In an effort to preserve the special and warm atmosphere of The Market, we’ve decided to use the concept of neighbourhoods when redesigning the vendor stalls.

Each of the six stall blocks will be designed and built using different materials to give each neighbourhood a unique look and preserve the eclectic vibe of The Market as we know it. Doing this will provide an updated and modernized feel without feeling cookie-cutter and sterile.

General Store

As part of our goal to activate our market multiple days and make local goods more accessible, we’ll be opening a General Store.

This space will be open outside of farmers’ market hours, and be stocked with products from our vendors. You’ll be able to pickup items like fresh produce, coffee beans, and pre-packaged snacks on a regular basis. This space will also house our Curbside Pickup program in the future.

Kitchen & Events Space

Our new Café and Events space will soon be your new favourite hangout! Open 7-days a week, the Café will be home to an in-house chef who, using OSFM vendor products, will create fresh and exciting farm to table meals. A large variety of international cuisines will be showcased, and you’ll even be able to enjoy an alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage in our fully licensed seating area.

Along with the Café space, we’ll be able to host and cater private events like weddings, retirement parties, community and corporate events. It’s a flexible and exciting new space we can’t wait to share with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is OSFM renovating?

In order to adapt to changing consumer habits, stay competitive in our industry, and meet the requests of the City of Edmonton to activate our space more, The Market needs to become a multi-day venue. However, in order to become a multi-day market, we must adhere to the standards set by Alberta Health Services (AHS). This means upgrades to our plumbing, electrical and HVAC to ensure our vendors have everything they need in their stall to vend multiple days.

When is construction set to begin and how long will it take?

Upgrades to infrastructure such as plumbing, HVAC and the roof will take place first and will not disrupt The Market. We are hoping to being renovations in 2024 and aim to complete the project in 6-8 months from the time it starts.

Will there be construction on Market Day?

In short, no. The Market will continue to stay open and do whatever is asked of us by AHS, with the majority of upgrades will happen out of sight, and during weekdays. The structures will be pre-fabricated with the building done off-site to limit the amount of construction dust and particulate in The Market.

Is The Market going to close during renovations?

The Market will do everything we can to stay open, and keep our vendors selling during renovations. We are working with AHS to ensure we satisfy all of their requirements to allow us to operate business as usual during construction.

How will this project be funded?

The Market Revitalization Project will be funded through a mix of private and public funds. First, OSFM will be seeking grant funding from all three levels of government, and looking at sponsorship opportunities. The renovation cost is estimated at $7 million dollars.

For More information on Becoming a project sponsor,

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