Bag-Half-Full offering free grocery delivery during COVID-19 pandemic

Apr 8, 2020 | News & Events

We’re featuring a great local initiative serving Edmonton during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bag-Half-Full logo

Meet Bag-Half-Full, a free grocery delivery service designed to bridge the gap of accessibility during the COVID-19 pandemic. Founded and operated by medical students from the UofA, their mission is to help promote community health and protect vulnerable populations during these uncertain times.

This initiative is designed to serve the sick, elderly, self-isolating, and immunocompromised, serving people with limited ability to go out for groceries for health reasons. Bag-Half-Full volunteers (with police and background checks) are available to pickup and drop off groceries and prescriptions to those in need. Delivery and payment are contactless to help protect all parties and mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

UPDATE: We initially stated the Bag-Half-Full service was available for anyone not comfortable going out. However, due to large request volume and limited manpower, at this time the Bag-Half-Full service is limited to the vulnerable and self-isolating. They are working on extending their capacity to be able to serve the general public.

How does it work?

Grocery order

  1. Families or individuals unable to leave their house for groceries or prescriptions have two options for preparing their grocery order:
    1. Place an online order with one of the major grocery stores, OR
    2. Provide Bag-Half-Full with a detailed grocery list and one of their volunteers will do the shopping (this includes shopping at OSFM!)
  2. Contact Bag-Half-Full to arrange delivery.
    1. Complete the form on their website at
    2. Phone 780-952-7101


  1. For orders placed online, no payment is necessary – the Bag-Half-Full delivery service is free
  2. For grocery shopping done by Bag-Half-Full, the volunteer will send you a receipt. Payment is required before groceries are dropped off. Only the grocery and/or prescription bill must be paid – again, delivery and shopping service are free
    1. E-transfer is recommended
    2. In cases where e-transfer is not possible, cash (exact change) in a ziplock bag or envelope can be left in a secure place for volunteers to collect


  1. A Bag-Half-Full volunteer will call you to arrange drop off
  2. For shopping done by volunteers, e-transfer or cash payment for groceries must be confirmed
  3. Groceries are left outside – volunteers will wait to ensure they are collected.

How can I help/contribute?

This initiative is run by student volunteers and free of charge. If you’re able, please consider making a donation to help cover gas expenses incurred by Bag-Half-Full volunteers.

Learn more about Bag-Half-Full and the great people behind it here.