Riverbend Gardens

Nov 7, 2019 | Featured Vendors

  1. Business name
    Riverbend Gardens
  2. Who is the maker, baker, or grower behind this booth?
    Janelle & Aaron
  3. Tell us a little about your story… How/why did you start your business?
    Riverbend Gardens is run by Aaron & Janelle Herbert. We’re the 3rd generation of farmers in Janelle’s family to grow on this land & we’re located inside of City of Edmonton limits!
  4. How long have you been a vendor at OSFM?
    Since the beginning! 1983!
  5. How far from OSFM are you located?
    27 kms
  6. Tell us about your products
    We grow over 20 different veggies and we are truly a small-scale family run farm. We are labour intensive and do all our own hand weeding, picking and packaging.
  7. What is your most popular product at the market?
    We’re best known for our delicious corn, sweet carrots and huge variety of potatoes!
  8. What’s an interesting fact about you, your business, or your products?
    Our sandy loam soil is amazing and has incredible drainage and our unique microclimate allows us to have an extended growing season due to our elevation, soil and proximity to the river!
  9. Where else can people find your products?
    Year-round at Bountiful Farmers’ Market & OSFM. During the summer season we’re at 7 different markets and we also run a weekly veggie delivery service (CSA) from July – Dec!

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