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Chilean Corner

Chilean Corner
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Chilean Corner
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Empanadas, Pastel de Choclo, Chilean desserts, dulce de Leche

At Chilean Corner, we have a variety of homemade style empanadas. The original Empanada (beef), chicken mushroom and cheese and 3 types of empanadas made from puff pastry from scratch: cheese, ham & cheese, and vegetarian. We also offer a traditional summer dish in Chile called pastel de choclo which contains beef, chicken and corn with a hint of basil.

In our sweets section, we offer pastries that contain a classic Latin sweet called dulce de Leche. From mil hojas made from puff pastry, which is also made from scratch, to brazo de Reina which some find similar to a jelly roll with a Latin twist to it, to alfajores de maicena which are very common in Latin America.