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Beanstalk Honey

Beanstalk Honey
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Beanstalk Honey
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Varietal Honey, Honey Flavoured with Organic Spices, Pollen

In 2010, I jumped into beekeeping with two hives at my farm on North Cooking Lake. I was quickly amazed at the diversity of flavours possessed by honey straight from the hive. Every blooming flower produces its own unique flavour and chemical composition of nectar, which the bees then turn into varietal honey.

Today, I hand pack and sell varietal honey from my 100 or so bee hives. I also selectively source honey from other Albertan beekeepers. I love rescuing unique varietal honeys from the bulk honey supply chain and providing it straight to the Albertan community. I take care to only work with beekeepers who set examples of how to keep bees sustainably and as treatment-free as possible.

We produce varietal honey by hand-sorting each box of honey by its nectar source and we keep our bees specifically in locations known for producing unique honeys. This year, we started testing the pollen content of our honey so we can be even more confident of its floral origins. The light-coloured Albertan clover honey has an international reputation for being some of the best honey in the world but my real passion is for all those weird and wonderful overlooked honeys with unique flavours, such as our wildflower and mint honeydew.

I have also developed a line of honeys to which I’ve added certified organic, fair trade spices. These honeys are intended to support you when you’re ill, whether it’s a sore throat or aching joints, but they can add some flavour to your life any day of the year too. Most are meant to be added to drinks, whether it’s cold water, hot water, coffee, tea, milk, or a milk substitute.

Take care, bee well,

Tracey Smith

Beanstalk Honey