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Yeonhee’s Jewelry

Yeonhee’s Jewelry
Vendor Business Name: Yeonhee’s Jewelry
Email Address:
Primary Phone: 780-901-0170
Secondary Phone: 780-761-8851
Vendor Status: Temporary / Part-Time
Booth Location: Variable
Products / Keywords: Handmade ceramic Jewelry,
Fine wire, gemstone Jewelry, nature jewelry

My name is Yeonhee. I have been making jewelry for 16 years. I would like to introduce my pieces to everybody.

When I was a little girl, I grew up in a natural setting with a beautiful fruit orchard near a mountain and a river. I have so many fond memories of my home. Much of my inspiration comes from nature and where I grew up.

I studied Ceramic Art in University. This encouraged me to pursue my passion for making jewelry. I love my work, and whenever I create a piece it makes me happy.

I hope you guys enjoy my work too!!

Thank you,

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Open year-round every Saturday from 8am-3pm

10310 83 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB T6E 5C3

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Ph: 780.439.1844
Fax: 780.433.4263