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Sunrise Gardens

Sunrise Gardens
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Organic Products
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Sunrise Gardens
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Row 2
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Organic, broccoli shoots, wheatgrass, healthy, microgreens, greens, local, sprouts, shoots, sustainable, earth-friendly, garlic, squash, celery, carrots, beets, edible-flowers, quality, pet grass, arugula, cilantro, pea shoots, sunflower shoots, salad

Sunrise Gardens is a local organic microgreen and vegetable farm located a few minutes west of Onoway, Alberta. Our year-round focus is on wheatgrass, sprouts, shoots and microgreens as well as seasonally specialty greens, gourmet vegetables, and edible flowers. We are at the Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market every Saturday from 8am-3pm.

Sunrise Gardens is a woman-run family farm, and we are committed to contributing to an inclusive and diverse community. We strive to practice actions that develop resilience within our personal and business lives. We take a regenerative approach to land management, and we use composting and green manure covers in our field crops as much as possible.

Season extension is a specialization of Sunrise Gardens. We do this by using three cold frames in spring and fall, and we grow indoors in the winter. We are known for our superb hard neck garlic, winter squash, early spring radishes, sweet baby carrots, tender baby beets and delicious celery long into the fall. We choose to grow nutritionally dense crops, and strive to provide our customers with the freshest local, organic vegetables.

Our goal as responsible stewards of the land is to use organic and ecologically sound farming practices to bring unique produce of the highest quality to you, our conscious and engaged customers. We strive to act in an authentic and compassionate manner in all of our endeavours and to create genuine and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, our employees, and our families.