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Planet Mushrooms

Planet Mushrooms
Verified Vendor
Vendor Business Name: Planet Mushrooms
Category: ,
Email Address:
Primary Phone: 7807165755
Vendor Status: Year-Round
Booth Location: Variable
Products / Keywords: Fresh & Dried Gourmet Mushrooms, Truffle, Chaga, Morel, Wild Mushroom Soup, Mushroom Pate, Mushroom Home Grow Kits,

Planet Mushrooms is a brand of Myco Innovations Inc., located in the westside of Edmonton. We produce gourmet mushrooms and Mushroom Home Grow kits (Oyster, Shiitake, Lion's mane, Reishi, Nameko etc.) in an organic way.

Mushrooms are nutritious fungi that provide vitamin B & D, high in proteins and dietary fibres. All mushrooms are suitable for pan fry, grill, stew, soup and more.

Growing mushrooms are a complex process, which requires extensive experience and care. At Myco Innovations, we produce robust Mushroom Home Grow Kit to satisfy the desires of growing your own fresh mushrooms year-round. The grow kits are ready to fruit, most importantly, the varieties of mushrooms we provide will satisfy every foodie’s cravings. Our grow kits mimic the habitat of wild mushrooms and are free of fertilizer and pesticides.