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Dutch Girl Sweets & Cakery

Dutch Girl Sweets & Cakery
Vegan Products
Gluten-Free Products
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Dutch Girl Sweets & Cakery
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Stroopwafels, pastry, cake, Dutch desserts, Vegan, gluten-free

Growing up, sweets were a treat that was had almost daily. Cookies with afternoon tea, berry crumble and ice cream after a day of working the garden, and the rare breakfast of rice krispies scrapped out of the pot when making squares.
After starting to work in the kitchen as a toddler, my passion for food grew along with myself. I’d cook with my mom, Oma, aunts, and then I’d be cooking and baking for them. Continuously I’d be challenging myself to create more elegant dishes and tweaking my recipes and techniques constantly to get the best out of simple ingredients.
After developing a dairy allergy I turned to veganism. This created a wondrous challenge of keeping my own high expectation of taste using plant-based ingredients. After several years I strive to ensure that anyone can taste my confections and have no clue that it is vegan. I will continue to challenge myself to create a variety of gourmet pastries in a cruelty-free fashion. This is how I will save the world.