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Thundering Ground Bison Ranch

Thundering Ground Bison Ranch
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Thundering Ground Bison Ranch
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Row 5
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Bison, Grass-fed, Bison Steaks, Bison Roasts, Ground Bison, Burger Patties, Bison Smokies, Bison Jerky, Bone Broth, Soup Bones, Organ Meats, Dog Bones/Treats, Bison Hides, Bison Skulls

My Ranch started in 1999 with 8 bison yearling females and a bull. Nearly 20 years later I am managing a herd of 120 plains bison on 480 acres of land at the edges of the prairies and boreal forest. Not only is this prime habitat for bison but my ranch also provides a safe haven for multitudes of wildlife and plant life.

My ranch provides the bison room to roam and an abundance of grass to live with their natural behaviours and instincts kept intact. I deliver a meat product with unsurpassed quality and when you partake in the experience enjoying bison meat from my ranch you are also involved in a process that preserves the bison as they have evolved in this climate as well as constant improvement in the health of the land to maintain a rich biodiversity in plants, animal and soil.

I provide a whole range of cuts and products from prime, tender steaks to roasts that will have you coming back for more. Also included in this list of products is ground bison, burger patties, select sausages, stew, short ribs, back ribs, soup bones, bison bone broth, organ meats and dog bones/treats. I also provide freezer packs or sides of bison cut to your specifications. I try to accommodate special orders for that special event.

If you are looking for that unique gift I also have a limited quantity of luxurious bison hides and finished bison skulls available.