Stocks Berry Farm

Stocks berry farm was started around 1978 as a hobby for Wes as he was in poor health at the time. It was only one glass greenhouse attached to the house. He started some beautiful fuschia and mixed hanging pots. Elsie started taking some of his pots to work to sell. It got to the point where her fellow staff were doing their spring plant shopping with Wes. Elsie and Wes both decided that they needed more plans knowledge and so they took a greenhouse course which they both loved. They never looked back.

The greenhouse was expanded on their three acres of land and some help was hired. Elsie stayed at her job but she found many hours of work in the greenhouses. Then, when Ben graduated from Olds College and got married, we knew we had to get bigger so we moved a much as we could and built more greenhouses on the land we bought on highway 21.

Ben, Karen and their three kids have now lived here for over 17 years and they've expanded some more. They grow many hanging pots and planters, perennials, annuals, vegetables, shrubs, trees and cut flowers. They also do many special orders. Elsie has been selling at OSFM for over 27 years!! Her granddaughter Krissi works with her. They both love the Old Strathcona Farmers' Market!