I create functional and sculptural pottery primarily using Shino glazes, one of the oldest glazes in the world. The Japanese are considered the grandfathers of the glaze, which originated centuries ago. While originally Shino was thick and white, todays Shino has blossomed into a variety of color ranges and textures, dependant on the chemical reaction of the atmospheric kiln it is fired in.
I use a gas kiln firing to cone 10, which means over 2000 degrees. I find that I get the most interesting carbon trapping results in a gas kiln - a process of starving the kiln of oxygen and thus pulling oxygen out of the pot leaving a black or gold coloration on top of the orange, peach, white, grey Shino base. I have some control over this, but truthfully there are so many variables that affect the outcome, and I like the random and uniqueness of creating  truly one of a kind pieces. I also create some complementary pieces in turquoise and gunmetal using an electric kiln which is a much more static, easy process in comparison. My pieces are meant to be used - in the oven and such, or left out and enjoyed as art.
I am influenced by the heritage of the glaze and my work has a subtle Japanese reference to it. The Japanese aesthetic relies on bringing nature into handmade pieces used in the everyday rituals of life; soft undulating rims, movement added intentionally in a static cup wall, and jagged edges on a vase are suggestive of what would be desirable in the process to create meaningful, intimate pieces. I love the dance between me, the pot, the kiln, and the unknown. My pottery fully satisfies the yearning for the technical and creative voice.

I encourage people to buy with their heart, to be mindful of what piece their eye pauses at;  where their eye rests - that is the piece calling to them. This humble act tells me that the piece will be used well, will live in the dishwasher or on their table and won't be tucked away in the back of the cupboard, but constantly calling their owner back to them to fulfill their purpose of making life a little more enjoyable. I love what I do!!