Ponderosa-Historic, Ancient & Notable Jewellery

Marcia Fossey is an artist who creates colorful jewellery from Historical Trade Beads and Vintage Glass Beads. It was while she was living in the Yukon that she got a first hand glimpse of authentic Historical Beads being used in everyday life. Marcia says that watching people create beautiful and colorful jewellery from these beads had a profound effect on her design sense and is the inspiration for her work.

When looking at Historical Beads it is hard not to think about whom might have previously owned them and how far through time and distance they have traveled.  Beads have been worn to communicate status almost everywhere in the world. They have been used as symbols of sacred knowledge and the fee for passage into the after-life. Many others believe that beads have curative powers.

Since the 1700’s, Europeans exchanged glass beads for furs in North America, spices in Asia and for gold and ivory in Africa. Beads often reflected the culture that they were a part of. They often can tell us about the social, political, economic and religious lives of the people who made and wore them.

Most of the Historical Trade Beads that Marcia uses in her jewellery are between 100 and 200 years old.  The Vintage Glass Beads are primarily sourced from Antique necklaces (1920's - 1950's).  As the beads are very old their imperfections are indicative of their uniqueness and thus enhance their value.

Marcia travels the world to source unique and beautiful art pieces to use in her jewellery.  Over time her designs have grown to include jewellery designed from 2000 year old Roman Glass, Bronze Artifacts, Sterling Silver and Semi Precious Stones. Marcia’s jewellery designer are living pieces of history.