Hendrickson Bagels

The Hendricksons have been selling their delicious, nutritious bagels and cream cheeses at Old Strathcona Farmers Market since 1997 under their former name, Bagelatté.

Ron's trademark bagels and mini-bagels are chewy, yet light-textured, with a shiny crust. He uses no artificial preservatives and most varieties are vegan. All 15 varieties are low in saturated fat and trans fat-free, nut-free, dairy-free (except Cheddar) and contain no eggs, animal fats or soy protein. Multi-grain and Whole Grain are a good source of fibre, containing whole wheat flour, flax, oats, rye flakes and sunflower seeds.

All bagels are baked fresh at their Sherwood Park bakery the day before the market.

Pamela's signature spreads are made with all-natural light cream cheese blended with fruit, vegetables, cheeses, herbs and spices. Cheddar & Five Peppers and Saskatoon Berry are her specialties.

They also make yummy bagel rolls--ham or garlic sausage baked in bagel dough topped with cheddar cheese.

Look for Hendrickson Bagels under the orange & blue striped canopy in Row 8 on the West side of Old Strathcona Farmers' Market.