Helen's Veggies & Flowers

Helen's Vegetables and Flowers is located 85 miles southeast of Edmonton offering quality produce and bedding plants. This family owned and operated business was established 30 years ago by Helen and Victor Petruk of Viking Alberta. After 22 years of working together in the fields and greenhouses, Mr. & Mrs. Petruk retired leaving the family business to their oldest son Jason and his young family. The name Helen's Veggies was kept as the name to honor the countless hours, sweat, and tears invested by the generation before.

Over the years we have invested in machinery to help reduce the 'back work' involved with gardening, but there is still plenty of hard work and countless hours required to ensure a top quality product. One product we pride ourselves on is fresh farm grown potatoes. Many of these varieties we grow will not be found in the retailer stores as they need to be dug by hand. These thin skinned varieties include Marilyn, French Fingerling, Banana, and Hot Purple. Other varieties we offer are Red Norland, Sangre, Satina, Innovator, and Bintje.

Our light sandy soil is perfect for root crop and we receive many comments about the quality of the root crops we offer, and this is why we have specialized our business for mainly only offering root crop. We also pride ourselves with top quality bedding plants offered during the months of May and June. Our hard water supply is perfect for plants. We use no chemical fertilizers, no GMO products, no preservatives, and no insecticides in raising our crops. We are dedicated to bringing a product for our customers that we feel comfortable eating on our own dinner table.

After 30 years at the Old Strathcona Farmers Market we have built up an extensive customer base and many people from customers, fellow vendors and staff have become like a second family to us. As we live far away from Edmonton the Old Strathcona Farmers Market has become like a home away from home every Saturday.

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