First Nature Farms

Since 1995, First Nature Farms has been selling their farm raised, certified organic meats at the Old Strathcona Farmers' Market. Located in Goodfare Alberta, the farm is considered an ecological reserve and is home to many rare species including trumpeter swans, river otters and grizzly bears. The farm goal since 1980 has been "to protect and enhance our natural biodiversity".

Certified organic since 1990 and SPCA certified since 2006, the farm markets five species: chicken, turkey, cattle, bison and pigs. Chickens are only raised in the warm months of summer on free range pastures, are then frozen and available year round at the market. Turkeys are available fresh for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Bison and beef are raised in a low stress environment, are totally grass fed and are always available as sides or by the piece. Our pigs are mainly Berkshire, have acres of pasture to roam and arrive as sausages, bacon, ham as well as a variety of other cuts. First Nature Farms is also home to many travelers (WWOOF) and farm interns from across the world who come to learn about farming and raising organic livestock.

The Old Strathcona Farmers' Market is the only market in the province to carry meat from First Nature Farms.

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