Chickie Dough

Chickie Dough is a chickpea based dip that mimics the flavor and texture of cookie dough. Nutrient dense and filling, Chickie Dough is a snack you can feel good about. It is high in fiber and protein but low in added sugar. It is a delicious alternative when you are looking to indulge your sweet tooth but still want to feel good about what you are feeding your body. 

You can eat it on graham crackers, fresh sliced fruit (apples, bananas, strawberries), dried fruit, rice cakes, pretzels, or just on a spoon!

Each week we have both Peanut (vegan option) and Chocolate Chip Chickie Dough available, as well as a monthly feature such as Dark Chocolate Coffee, Pumpkin Spice or White Chocolate Macadamia Nut

*Temporary/Seasonal vendor. Please check our Market Map to see what vendors are at the market this week!