Aroma Health

Each day Aroma Health products are handcrafted in small batches using simple culinary equipment to turn exquisite raw materials into fine cosmetics. The process of carefully hand measuring ingredients, stirring mixtures and monitoring temperatures allows us a unique opportunity for quality assurance. This human touch lends an eye (and hand) for detail no machine could replicate.

We are not only committed to continuous improvement of standards of our formulations and services, but also to playing its part in the development of a natural balance within the global and local  economy by creating enviro-safe bio-degradable formulations, fresh and cruelty free.

For over twenty years Aroma Health has been formulating plant based personal care natural health products free from unnecessary harsh additives. Today we have hundreds of families worldwide that enjoy our products daily.

By sourcing over three quarters of our base materials locally we utilize a network of Alberta’s organic agricultural producers, beekeepers and botanists; suppliers who have qualities that complement our business. Buying directly from local suppliers means we can purchase smaller quantities more often a receive products at the peak of freshness to ensure their effectiveness is passed directly onto your skin. In this way freshness lives within our products!

With over one hundred products available we strive to have available formulations for your specific needs. If not, contact us as we have an in-house Aromatolagist available for complementary consultation.