Let OSFM join the family!

Are you a huge fan of the Old Strathcona Farmers' Market? Do you wish that it was your family photo in our current ad campaign? Well, send us an old family photo (or a photo of you and some friends) and you might also have the honour of joining *our* OSFM family. Your new OSFM family photo may end up on our Twitter feed, our Facebook page or even in a print ad! You may get turned into an eggplant or a tomato! 

Simply choose a great old photo (the older and quirkier the better!) and send us a high-resolution scan to office@osfm.ca and a brief sentence describing why you think OSFM should choose your photo submission.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To consider your photo, OSFM will need consent from everyone visible in the picture (after all, not everyone is keen to be turned into a tomato, or have their arm around one for that matter). Be sure to scan and send the OSFM Photo Consent form for every person in the photo.

Download our Consent Form.