Gramma Bear's #12!

Evelyn Dickhout has been a vendor at the Old Strathcona Farmers' Market for over 25 years. Originally she sold pheasants and game birds and sold baked goods at other farmers' markets as the OSFM already had a few bakers. After a few years Evelyn added baked goods to her tables at OSFM and they quickly became a market favourite. Roughly 10-12 years ago, Evelyn gave up her poultry business and began to specialize in the home baking we love!

The most recent issue of Edmonton's own The Tomato offered the results of a vote for the top one hundred best things to eat or drink in Edmonton. Our very own Evelyn Dickhout of Gramma Bears Home Baking was not only within the top one hundred but managed to be voted number twelve for her fabulous butter tarts. It's a recipe she found long ago called prize-winning butter tarts, which explains the popularity. Her butter tarts are a great light treat for anyone to enjoy. "Customers always seem to love them," says Evelyn.

"Thank you to everyone who voted for me. It's an honor, the customers are the most important part of the market." She says.

Gramma Bears Home Baking is located at Wizard Lake in the Pipestone area. She's lived there 45 years. The bakery is a large well-equipped building that's been health inspected since 1994. Evelyn herself has had her Journeyman Red Seal from NAIT for fifteen years. Of course she does get assistance from her staff and family. "I can't do this by myself, staff and family play an important part. My husband Harold always loves to sell in the market. But he also helps me with maintenance and peeling apples for pies." She says."

Gramma Bears Home Baking has, on occasion, hosted an open house for both customers and vendors. It's an opportunity for vendors and customers to mingle and enjoy themselves. This June will be another of such events. Evelyn will offer more information closer to the date, so be sure to keep an ear out.