Fresh Loaf

Home-baked breads and cinnamon buns, all made with organic flour and and no artificial sweeteners or preservatives.  Popular varieties include “power bread”, sourdough cheese bread, 12-grain bread and a selection of rye breads.  Approximately 18 different varieties to choose from.  

Baker Bill

Once upon a time there was a wonderful food that people all over the world enjoyed and benefited from. It was even referred to as 'the staff of life' in some cultures due to its healthful qualities, ease of preparation and flexible use. It was made with techniques that preserved and enhanced these qualities. Bread by Baker Bill is made by those old and special methods using the best organic raw materials available today. Sprouted grains and natural leavening is used extensively to produce great flavour and nutrition in a variety of rye, wheat, spelt and seeded loaves and buns.

Sunworks Farm

Sunworks Farm is a certified organic and certified humane holistic farm located in Armena, Alberta. Ron, Sheila, Dorothy and John raise their chickens, hens, turkeys, cows, pigs and sheep in a healthy, low stress and free range environment. The poultry is raised outside in moveable shelters in the summer while all other animals are raised outside year round. Meat is free of antibiotics and hormones and beef is 100% grass fed. Sunworks specialty meats (sausage, ham and bacon) are free of all chemicals (nitrates, sulphates and MSG) and fillers - making them celiac safe.

Peas On Earth

We grow a variety of organic traditional and exotic vegetables and herbs. We don’t just grow vegetables as food to fill your stomach, but also for their nutritional values and medicinal purposes. All our vegetables are organically grown to ensure the highest health benefits. Last but not least, the taste and texture are what we go after as well. Our goal in business is to learn to make use of Mother Nature to grow the best food.

Mighty Trio Organics

Mighty Trio Organics is a family-owned and operated food manufacturer. Delivering fresh, high quality, delicious food products is of the hightest importance and Mighty Trio Organics is prout to supply the community with fresh, healthy, great tasting products.


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