Become a Vendor

Becoming an eligible vendor at the Old Strathcona Farmers' Market provides you with a valuable opportunity to introduce your home-grown and home-made products to the over 20,000 visitors that visit the market each Saturday. Our vendor list is growing all the time and we are currently seeking new and unique local producers to join our family. If you are interested in applying to be a vendor, please review all information provided here before submitting your application.

Vendor Eligibility
First rule: we make it, we bake it, we grow it, we sell it.

Please review our Prospective Vendor Information Sheet to ensure you meet the eligibility requirements prior to submitting your application as we will not review any applications that do not meet our policies. The categories to which we accept applications are described below.

Vendor Category Definitions

MARKET GARDENERS Grow their own produce, i.e. vegetables, grain (including hemp) and/or fruit for food consumption in the province of Alberta. Includes plant products that can be consumed as food: excludes articles made from plants that cannot be consumed, i.e. jewellery, clothing. Grows the fruit/vegetables and makes them into value added products that are for food consumption for the main purpose of extending market season.

GREENHOUSE PRODUCERS Grow vegetables or fruit for food consumption in their greenhouse in the province of Alberta.

HORTICULTURE PRODUCERS Grow flowers or bedding plants which are sold in their original state, includes fresh bouquets and dried bouquets.

MEAT, FISH, HONEY AND DAIRY PRODUCERS Raise their own animals and process them for food consumption. A producer must have owned and raised his/her animal and/or poultry for a minimum of 30 days. Excludes the value added products from own grown animals that cannot be consumed as food.

VALUE-ADDED PROCESSORS Buy fruit/vegetables/meat/fish/dairy products and process them into value added products that are for food consumption. Makes/bakes or creates food for food consumption either from home grown ingredients or purchased. This includes food for animals.

CRAFTER One who personally creates a non-food product out of raw materials or who adds significant value to a non-food product with purchased materials.

Once you have downloaded and reviewed our Prospective Vendor Information Sheet, complete the online application form below. We also require an emailed image of packaging and labelling for vendors wishing to sell a food product. It can be sent to Please allow 2-4 weeks for a response to your application.

A contact name and number for someone who would not normally be attending the market with you.
Include years attended for market attended in the past.