Become a Busker

Imagine performing in front of an audience of 20,000 people!

In an effort to support the development of street performance in the community and to enhance the atmosphere at the market for our visitors, the Old Strathcona Farmers' Market gives buskers the opportunity to perform inside the market. Busking in the market is a privilege and only buskers that provide entertainment that enhances transactions between vendors and customers shall be approved.

What kind of music should I play?

Our customers respond to music that is upbeat, entertaining, unique and at an appropriate volume that doesn't interefere with vendor transactions. Please consider this when selecting your music!

We believe that busking:

  1. Is a privilege
  2. Should provide entertainment for both customer and vendors; and
  3. Should not interfere with any vendor/customer transactions.

Where do buskers perform?

The market has four designated busking pitches located in each corner of the Market. Buskers will be scheduled to play at these locations between 8:00am and 3:00pm.

How do I become a busker?

Stop by our Information Booth with your instrument any Saturday between 8-2 with your instrument in hand, prepared to give a 5 minute performance to our staff. We reserve the right to accept or reject buskers based on their suitability to the market environment.

General considerations:

  • No open flames, knives, swords, axes, saws or other objects that can cause bodily injury to any person are permitted in the market.
  • No electronic amplification of any kind is allowed including electronic instruments and stereos.
  • Buskers must not stay in a location longer than assigned, even if another busker does not arrive to take the spot.
  • Buskers may not play for more than 30 minutes at any single busking pitch.
  • Buskers may sell CDs (of their own music) but they cannot sell anything else.
  • Buskers are responsible for clean-up of their performance site.
  • Buskers may accept donations but may not charge for any performance.
  • Buskers are responsible for supplying any equipment or furniture required for their own performances.

Scheduling procedures:

All busker schedules are be created by Market staff

  1. At the end of each month, approved buskers will be emailed a request for their availability during the upcoming month.
  2. Market staff will compile the busker schedule based on availability and provide it to all buskers via email. A printed copy of the schedule will also be kept at the Information Booth.
  3. Buskers will be scheduled for two 30-minute time slots each Saturday unless otherwise permitted by the Market staff. The Market reserves the right to limit the number of performance spots per day or per month should there be an increased demand for performance spots during any given period.
  4. The Market will attempt to accommodate requests with regards to preferred times, however no guarantees will be made.